Begegnungen/Ereignisse auf der Astralebene

Astralreisen bergen einiges an Überraschungen für den unvorbereiteten Reisenden – wie man an folgenden Tabellen sieht.

01-09   Githyanki (H)
10        Night Hag (H)
11        Asura (F)
12-13   Eldarin (F)
14        Baatezu (N, very busy)
15        Tanar’Ri (N, very busy)
16        Yugoloth (N, very busy)
17        Slaad (D4: 1-3 Red Slaad, 4 Blue Slaad) (N)
18-22   Spectral Hound (N)
23        Shedu, Greater (F)
24-26   Shedu, Lesser (F)
27-28   Kodragon (N)
29-32   Guardinal (F)
33-34   Astral Dreadnought (H)
35-40   Astral Wolf (N)
41-45   Berbalang (H)
46-47   Deva, Astral (F)
48-51   Devete (N)
52-53   Brain Collector* (H)
54-55   Astral Searcher (H)
56-59   Dhour (H)
60        Astral Whale* (N)
61-63   Bebilith (H)
64        Dragon, Astral (D10: 1-6 Unmated-, 7-10 Mated) (N)
65-69   Astral Streaker (D10: 1-5 Githyanki animal 6-10 Wild animal)* (N)
70-73   Elemental, Air Kin, Aerial Servant (N)
74-75   Foo Creature, Foo Lion (N)
76-78   Foo Creature, Foo Dog (N)
79-82   Garmorm (H)
83        Psurlon, Giant Psurlon (H)
84-85   Psurlon, Psurlon (H)
86-87   Psurlon, Psurlon Adept (H)
88-97   Psychic Winds*
98        Remains of a dead god
99        Spellcrystal (Just flys by 1 in 100 chance of collision, choose random spell for effect)
00        Bonecloud* (Just flys by 10% chance of collision, see subtable for details) (H)

Source: Monster compendia
* Source „Guide to the Astral Plane“

Proposed behavior of encounter based on a neutral or good alignment:
(H) = Hostile
(N) = Neutral, DM Choice
(F) = Friendly

Details about the Bonecloud (D100)
A huge cloud of undead creatures. Creatures marked with a * can move and drag someone in the cloud. The rest of the cloud is only dangerous in case of collision. The following tables defines the nearest undead creature.

01-50   Skeleton
51-75   Zombie
76-80   Skeletal Animal
81-85   Skeletal Monster
86-90   Giant Skeleton
91-95   Monster Zombie
96        Heucuva*
97        Ghoul*
98        Wight*
99        Ghast*
00        Special (DM Choice, eg. Death Knight, Vampire etc)*

Details about Psychic Winds (D100)
Physical Traveller
01-40   Diverted 1d6 days off course
41-60   Diverted 3d10 days off course
61-80   Completely lost
81-00   Sent to random color pool (random place outer planes)

Astral Traveller
01-40   Diverted 1d6 days off course
41-60   Diverted 3d10 days off course
61-80   Completely lost
81-97   Silver chord damaged, returned to real body
98-00   Silver chord snapped, traveler slain

Mental Effects
D6: 1-4 Wind of thoughts, 5-6 Emotional Wind

Wind of thoughts (D100):
01-40   Stunned for 1d6 rounds
41-50   Affected like a confusion spell for 2d10 rounds
51-60   Unconscious for 1d10 hours
61-80   Affected as a fear spell for 2d10 rounds
81-90   Affected as a feeblemind spell for 1d20 hours
91-95   Temporarily insane for 1d4 days
96-99   Comatose for 1d100 days
00        Permanently insane

Wind of emotions (D4):
01        Drains all emotion for 1d2 days (no love, fear etc., people might react weird)
02        One single emotion is drained for 1d4 days
03        Trapped in the storm for 1d2 days. One single emotion dominates character. If a character is in a situation where he does something he wouldn´t normally do, a wisdom check can be made to avoid uncontrolled behavior
04        Emotional overdose. Knocked out for 1d4 days. After awakening the pour sod must make for 1d10 days saves vs paralysis, failed means overwhelmed by single emotion for the rest of the day

Emotion (D100)
01-20   Hate
21-40   Love
41-55   Sorrow
56-70   Joy
71-80   Fear
81-90   Envy
91-00   Zeal

Details about Yugoloths (D100)
01-05   Ultroloth, Guards 1D4 Yagnoloths
06-10   Arcanaloth, Guards 1D4 Yagnoloths
11-15   Nycaloth, Guards 1D4 Yagnoloths
16-20   Baernaloth, Guards 1D4 Yagnoloths
21-35   Marraenoloth
35-55   Yagnoloth
56-80   Piscoloth
81-00   Hydroloth, 1D4 Yagnoloths as Guards

Details about Tanar’ri (D20)
01        Balor, Zauberer, 2D4 Vrocks as Guards
02        Marilith, Zauberer, 2D4 Vrocks as Guards
03        Vrock, 2D4 Nalfeshnee as Guards
04-05   Nalfeshnee
06-07   Hezrou, 2D4 Cambions as Guards
08-09   Molydeus, 2D4 Cambions as Guards
10-11   Chasme
12-14   Yochlol
15-17   Babau, 2D4 Cambions as Guards
18        Succubus
19-20   Cambion

Details about Baatezu
01        Pit fiend, 3W6 Curnogon as Guards
02–03  Gelugon, Guards 2D4 Barbazu, 1D4 Red Abishai
04–05  Amnizu, 1D4 Abishai (D6: 1 – 3 Black, 4 – 5 Green, 6 Red)
06–07  Cornugon, Guards 2D4 Red Abishai
08–12  2D4 Abishai (D6: 1 – 3 Black, 4 – 5 Green, 6 Red)
13–18  2D4 Barbazu
19-20   Osyluth, Guards 2D4 Abishai (D6: 1 – 3 Black, 4 – 5 Green, 6 Red)

Details about Eldarins (D20)
01        Firre
02        Ghaele
03        Tulani
04-07   Shiere
08-11   Bralani
12-15   Coure
16-20   Noviere

Details about Guardinals (D20)
01        Leonal
02-04   Ursinal
05-08   Lupinal
09-11   Avoral
12-14   Equinal
15-20   Cervidal


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